"Where there is no vision, the people perish"
Prov 29:18

A joint effort of Baptist churches that are fundamented in the Word of God to reach all regions of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Indian national missionaries.


We hope to see millions of people in India learning what is the real purpose of our existence while they submit themselves to Jesus Christ, participating in local churches, and being trained by these churches to take the Gospel to many others.


A joint effort by fundamentalist Baptist churches to reach every region of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through missionaries Indian nationals

Our mission is first of all to please God, then to serve, work with, and help equip the workers in India, by acting as a link between them and our churches in Brazil, so that they can more effectively reach those groups still unreached by the Gospel of Christ.


Our goal is to exalt Christ, asking the group of Indian believers how we can help them.

 We are committed to making new disciples and planting churches through Indian workers.

That does not mean in any way, we do not care about the physical suffering of those who we seek to minister. Through the Scriptures we see our Lord Jesus Christ using the needs that the body felt to lead people to Himself.  Despite the rapid economic growth that India is coming through in recent times the needs of men, women and children suffering in India are great. 

We plan to fulfill our vision by giving an opportunity for individuals and local churches to pray and help on specific projects led by groups of Indian believers, helping to provide the necessary resources and thereby encouraging them to continue. 

We will work in various ways, such as assisting in training staff, helping the evangelists in their effort to spread the gospel and plant churches, outreach materials and assisting with humanitarian aid in situations where this will help in promoting the Gospel, helping those who are suffering because of their faith. 

Working in that way as a link between Indian believers and Brazilian believers. 


 We need to move from the information to the accomplishment (implementation) if we want to see these people reached with the Gospel. 

 We believe we can be more effective working as a servant of the Indian brothers.
We must work in partnership. We will offer help to those who are already doing the work. 

 We must be willing to "swim against the stream" when it is the right thing to do. 

 The Lord has clearly led us to use a more effective approach within the current circumstances: to help Indian workers to reach their own people and fulfill the Great Commission as commanded in Matthew 28:19-20.

vision without action is merely a dream. 

An action without vision is just passing the time. 

vision with action can change the world


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